About Rugby Québec

The Quebec Rugby Federation (Rugby Quebec) is a non-profit organization, which brings together regional associations and rugby clubs in the province.

It is the representative body to the Ministry of Education, World Rugby and the Canadian Rugby Federation (Rugby Canada).

The Federation is present in most regions of Quebec and is involved with all age groups.

Regional Associations

Rugby Québec is the popular name of the Fédération de Rugby du Québec (formerly the Québec Rugby Union) which is the provincial governing body for the sport of rugby union in the Canadian province of Québec. The Fédération de Rugby du Québec is affiliated with the Canadian Rugby Union.

Associations:  Rugby de l’Estrie, Laval, Rugby du Sud-Ouest, Montréal, Lac-Saint-Louis, Quebec, L’Outaouais, Richelieu-Yamaska et Mauricie.

Fédération de Rugby du Québec

The FRQ has many differing levels and types of competition. There are two predominate competitions that have the longest historical record. The first is the Premier Championship Cup, which is awarded annually to the best rugby team in cup competition. This has also been known as the “Quebec Cup”, Senior Cup, the First Division Cup, the A Division Cup and (formerly) the Standard Life Cup and can trace its origins back to the 1950s. The second oldest championship is the Intermediate Cup, awarded to the best club team in the second side cup competition. This has also been known as the Second Division Cup, the B Division Cup and the Des O’Neill Trophy.

Online Memberships & Competition Management

Rugby Quebec manage and take online membership payments on Sportlomo, they also use the Sportlomo Competition Management platform to manage their games schedule, scores, tables and standings.  This fixture/game data is auto-published to their website from the platform.

See sample standings opposite.