Events Management and Payments

Safely and securely offer your Club Events for purchase online.  Take payments for courses, camps, tickets, fundraisers, bus tickets etc. Participants can register & pay fees on their mobile/tablet.

Use the Events Module without taking fees to manage attendance.

Events come free with Membership.




Fees are transparent – no hidden fees.
Participant’s credit card and bank details go directly to our Web and Mobile Payment Provider – details are not seen by Sportlomo or our Clubs.
Set your own pricing.
Take fees in installments/recurring payments.
Apply discount codes to event purchases (i.e.  €20 off, 15% reduction etc).
Subscribers, entrants can register and pay on their cell/mobile.
A breakdown of all fees is displayed to the purchaser.

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.  New languages are added regularly.

Highly configurable (flexible) platform….run your own club events easily.

  • Events may be grouped and purchasers can filter on event type, name, or group when purchasing.
  • Control the date an event is available for sale (from date – to date).
  • Set maximum number of items available for sale. (i.e. 200 tickets).
  • Set a maximum number of items that may be purchased by an individual. (i.e. 4 tickets per person).
  • Attach an image (picture) to represent each event.
  • Attach multiple documents to an event.
  • And loads more…..

Events module comes free with Membership.  Use Events module without taking fees to manage attendance.

Take online payments for your Club Activities and Events.  Manage attendance numbers and group email attendees, participants with a click of a button.

Club administrators can also allow individuals to join an Event “Waiting list”   If someone cancels their booking, the administrator can quickly select a member from the “Waiting list”. This person will be automatically notified that the event is now available for purchase.  When the user logs in, they select the event and process the payment to be added to the event.

The events portal is also integrated with public websites allowing you to control which events are visible on your site and allowing the user to search and select an event and be brought straight to their basket.

You can make the event available to a defined list of people before it becomes available for sale to the general public.

Restrict events to the general public, affiliates, clubs etc.  You chose what works best for each event.

Apply discount codes to event purchases (i.e.  €20 off, 15% reduction, early birds etc).

Allows you to have an overview (in realtime) of how an event or fundraiser is performing. i.e. Who registered for which event, number of items sold/unsold, number of participants, how much money has been collected etc.

Financial and Management reports for committee meetings.

Automated email receipt send to member on purchasing a ticket/place/item.

Pricing: All fees are fully transparent and there are no hidden extras. All fees go directly to your Club bank account.

Pricing information here.